New Year: New Updates

January 4, 2011


So, here it is the new year and already I’m a bit behind. Already. And I know you’re on the edge of your seats wondering if I finished my bells.

Well, yes and no.

Yes, I finished the sets of 12 bells for each of my kids. That’s 48 bells. And yes, I also made the grape vine trees (since the solderer-welder-whatever dudes in my family didn’t get around to fabricating the wire trees I wanted—understandably so since my design was a bit complicated). The grape vines appeal to the naturalists in our family and next year I’ll buy a couple wire trees for the more haute couture among us.

But, no, I didn’t finish my own bells.

Not to worry! I have only a few to go and after a year of this tedium, I can bead bells as fast as I can scarf holiday treats and gain ten pounds—which is really fast!

In the meantime, I’ve updated several posts with pictures sent to me by Judith (my grandmother’s daughter). They’re fun shots; like the one above, taken in the 1950s in the kitchen over the store. That’s my mom, Carol, delighting in her own holiday treat. Do you think this was a special occasion? Or do you think she always wore a dress and pearls to frost cakes?

Check out more updates here!

George and Ruth’s lineup of grandchildren, 1968, plus more grandchildren photos. If you’re not included, it’s because I don’t have your picture. Please do send!

George Larson family photo, circa 1950s, taken in the apartment above their store.

And lastly, it was getting too hard to go back and find specific posts, so I added a search button at the top of the right column. Much, much easier.

Now, back to beading…


A Special Weekend

July 22, 2010

This past weekend was a fun road trip. On our way to central Minnesota, my husband and I visited my Aunt Judy and Uncle Art.

Judy is my mother’s sister, which means she’s Ruth’s daughter. Spending time with Judy is like having my 70-year-old grandmother back again. She looks like Ruth, she sounds like Ruth, and, as she pointed out, she was even wearing Ruth’s clothes and jewelry. The photo above shows her beaded jewelry collection, all made by Ruth, and an afghan Ruth crocheted when Judy was a baby.

It was a special weekend.

While we were there, Judy brought out her family photos. And I brought out my scanner. We now have lots and lots of updates to the blog. Here are a few of them, and more to come later.

1. George, circa 1928; George and Ruth, 1929

2. Ruth, age 17

3. Judith’s Four Generational Confirmation picture

4. George Larson and daughters Carol and Judith, Imlay City, 1939

5. Larson Family in Imlay City, 1939