Why the Blog?

January 21, 2010

Anyone who knows me or checked my website, knows I’m a bit ADD about starting projects and never finishing them. I have three other blogs that I fail to consistently update. I certainly shouldn’t be starting another one.

But I love blogs. They’ve become a wonderful representation of today’s society and will someday serve as a historical record of who we are. I’d like this blog to be a record of my grandmother Ruth. It’s for the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who knew her. It’s for the great-great grandchildren that will only hear of her.

Life just keeps going and going. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

Here are a few blogs I’ve bookmarked for various reasons. Some of them Ruth would have liked. Others, probably not.

The Pioneer Woman
This site’s really fun. Her stories are interesting, her livestock photos are beautiful, and her dog Charlie is ridiculously cute (I want a basset hound!). Recently, she’s even put out a cookbook. Okay, don’t check this site if you can’t separate idealistic from realistic. One peek and you’ll be saying “I want to live on a cattle ranch” and wondering how one woman can do it all. For sure, she’s paying some big money for that web site management (as I console myself).

The Purl Bee
This one reminds me of my grandmother. It’s one I’m sure she would have liked. To quote its site: “The Purl Bee is online journal of Purl, a shop devoted to beautiful materials and tools for knitting, sewing, quilting, and other crafts.” It’s a very pretty page.

Time of Grace
Here’s another one I think my grandmother would have liked. The tagline is “Straight Talk, Real Hope,” and Rev. Mark Jeske writes in exactly that manner. The Ruth I knew in my adult years was kind of like this blog. She saw things the way they really were. And God gave her the hope that everything would work out.

Vivir Green and Comida Y Copas
Of course, I have to list my children’s blogs. They’re super. Good design, good writing and beautiful photos.

Penelope Trunk
Talk about one bizarre lady, this woman is it (Penelope, not me. Or Ruth). I’m fascinated with her blog because: 1) She’s a marketing genius, 2) She’s a good writer—an example of the concise writing style necessary for today’s attention-challenged, online readers, 3) She’s a crafty instigator of conversation and argument. She elicits comments by the hundreds and they are as diverse in their opinions as the people who submit them. I like that.

The Julie/Julia Project
No, I’m not trying to copy Julie Powell and gain a book and movie deal (particularly since Julie uses the f-word a lot, and I never heard my grandmother use anything quite that severe). Nope, this blog is for family. But like Julie used a blog to keep herself on track towards achieving a goal, I want to do the same. I want to finish those bells (I’m up to three now, by the way) and in doing so, I want to memorialize Ruth.