A Special Weekend

July 22, 2010

This past weekend was a fun road trip. On our way to central Minnesota, my husband and I visited my Aunt Judy and Uncle Art.

Judy is my mother’s sister, which means she’s Ruth’s daughter. Spending time with Judy is like having my 70-year-old grandmother back again. She looks like Ruth, she sounds like Ruth, and, as she pointed out, she was even wearing Ruth’s clothes and jewelry. The photo above shows her beaded jewelry collection, all made by Ruth, and an afghan Ruth crocheted when Judy was a baby.

It was a special weekend.

While we were there, Judy brought out her family photos. And I brought out my scanner. We now have lots and lots of updates to the blog. Here are a few of them, and more to come later.

1. George, circa 1928; George and Ruth, 1929

2. Ruth, age 17

3. Judith’s Four Generational Confirmation picture

4. George Larson and daughters Carol and Judith, Imlay City, 1939

5. Larson Family in Imlay City, 1939


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