Here We Go…Another Birthday

April 10, 2010

daffodil from J&K's yard

Today’s my birthday. My 39th.

Oh. Yeah. Since I’ve previously mentioned I’m 50 years younger than my grandmother (who would have been 101), I guess that line isn’t going to fly.

So, today I was thinking of kindergarten with my teacher Miss Lehmann. I remember she called me to the front, turned me over her knee and gave me six birthday spankings. Can you imagine that happening today?

Then I wondered if I’m remembering that right. Perhaps I was actually being disciplined. Terri? Dave? Do you remember getting birthday spankings?

Anyway, today is my birthday and this morning when I awoke (besides reminiscing spankings), I thought how blessed I am. I love the life God’s given me. I love my family and friends.

And since today’s my birthday, I get to call the shots. That’s the deal in our house (to which my husband says is no different than any other day). So what I’m asking is that you each respond with a comment telling who you are and how you’re connected to Ruth. Remember, this blog is for historical purposes and will be interesting someday to future genealogists (if you’re a bit shy and only want to give your first name, that’s fine—it’ll give them a research challenge).

Have I mentioned today’s my birthday?

Do it. Click on “Leave a Comment,” just below this posting. Do it now.


20 Responses to “Here We Go…Another Birthday”

  1. di Says:

    Okay, I’ll start.

    I’m Diahann. I’m Ruth’s granddaughter. Carol is my mother.

  2. rollsettravel Says:

    My name is AJ, I don’t know Ruth, but April 10th is my wifes birthday too. Happy Birthday stranger!

  3. Joel Amos Says:

    My name is Joel Amos. I’m Ruth’s favorite grandson. Carol is my mother.

  4. Terri Says:

    I made Ruth a grandma. I’m her eldest grandchild. Carol is my mother, and Diahann is my sister! Happy Birthday Di!
    p.s. Miss Lehmann did indeed dish out birthday spankings.

  5. Buck Says:

    I’m Rebecca aka “Buck”. I’m Carol’s daughter and Ruth’s granddaughter. Ruth and George retired and sold their store right before I was born.

  6. Becky Says:

    I’m Becky (Baur) Foster, Ruth’s great-granddaughter. Terri (Carol’s oldest) is my mother.

    Side note: my favorite memory of Ruth – she came to visit when I was a kid, and taught me and my siblings how to play various card games, such as Kings Corner, using pennies to gamble! :)

  7. Ann Says:

    I’m connected to Ruth only through this blog, but it feels like a real connection! Thanks, Diahann, for introducing me to Ruth.

    Also, belated Happy Birthday!

  8. Fritz Hackbarth Says:

    Hi Diahann,
    I found this web while on the message board of “My Ancestry” and thought it was really neat. We have many of the beaded bells (& stars) that my wifes mother had made. I had to call Judy to let her know that I wasn’t the only geneology junky she had as a relative. Art informed me that you actually know my son Todd. Small world, eh?
    At any rate thought I’d let you know I enjoyed it. Maybe sometime you can fill in the many holes I have on the Hooge side of the family.
    Thanks again.

  9. Larry Newberg Says:

    Hej Kusin Di:
    Happy birthday. Ruth’s father-in-law was Carl Gustof Larson. He and my great-grandmother Ellen Larsdotter were 2 of 5 children who came from Skalleryd, Västra Harg, Östergotland, Sweden around 1888. Parents Lars Peter Svenson and Johanna Caroline Andersdotter plus 2 children stayed in Sweden. These emigrants went to Des Moines, Iowa and a couple of years later to Donaldson, Indiana–a very small village. George (Ruth’s husband) was born in Donaldson along with many siblings and cousins. This is where George grew up. George was in Donaldson in the 1910 census and was a postal clerk in Chicago in the 1918 WWl draft registration. He must have found Ruth’s address at the Post Office! Have a good birthday.

  10. Dave Says:

    I am Dave Amos, Carol’s oldest son and the only one who knows how to spell Miss Lahmann’s name correctly.

  11. Cat Says:

    I am Catherine Averill and am the girlfriend of Jonathan Lohr, Ruth’s great-grandson, Di’s son… so a pretty tenuous connection.

    Happy birthday and sorry we didn’t get to see you. Hope it was great and we’ll see you soon!

  12. jonnylohr Says:

    I am Jonny Lohr, of Jonathan Lohr fame from above. I am Ruth’s great-grandson but generally dropped the ‘great’ in conversation.

    I used to think Grandma Larson was related to Gary Larson. I still haven’t seen evidence otherwise.

  13. Josh Lohr Says:

    I’m Josh Lohr. I’m Ruth’s great grandson, and Diahann’s son.

  14. Jenny Says:

    I’m Jenny, Ruth’s first great-grandchild (right?) and Diahann’s daughter. I had totally forgotten about Kings Corner until Becky wrote about it, but I assume it was Ruth that taught me how to play too!

    Very cool to see the different people reading this! :)

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