1 Down, 59 to Go

January 7, 2010

Good news, I finished the first bell!

And it only took me three evenings. This is good to know because this means I can set myself up on a weekly schedule. Yes! I can do this!

While the bell is finished and doesn’t look too bad, it still leaves plenty room for improvement. All these tiny beads are a little hard to handle. I’ve spent years washing dishes, digging in gardens and handling sheep, and, needless to say, my hands aren’t exactly nimble or gracefully smooth.

So how did my grandmother make these things?

In the 1980s, she would have been in her 70s. Surely her hands were less agile than mine. And what about her eyes? How did she see to string the fishline through such microscopic holes? I mean, look at them. These are tiny, tiny beads!

Well, this is my first bell. I know I’ll get better with each one I make. There must be a system to handling the beads and I’ll figure it out. After all, I am Ruth’s granddaughter.

That was her name, you know—Ruth E. Larson.

And as I get better with each bell, we’re going to better get to know her.


One Response to “1 Down, 59 to Go”

  1. ruby Says:

    made these bells with my children some 25 to 30 years ago. I also lost my pattern would love to show my grandchildren how now yours are beauitful

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