Herrschners Shimmers

December 29, 2009

Well, I’ve officially started my project (in addition to this blog). Okay, maybe not officially, since I haven’t yet started making bells. But I did order a kit.

I googled “beaded bells” and came up with several links. I found this pattern, which at quick glance looks nicely detailed and instructional. I also found this one for beads strung together with safety pins. But neither of them look like my grandmother’s bells. If I’m going to spend the next 52 weeks stringing beads in her memory, I want them to at least look the bells I remember.

Then came Marya’s suggestion in the Bead and Button forum: Herrschners Shimmering Bells Beaded Ornaments Kit, Set of 4, MK513214.

Herrschners. I know that name. As a child, I remember seeing their catalogs, along with Workbasket Magazine, in my grandparent’s apartment above their grocery store.

And sure enough, there it is. The same bell my grandmother made.

I immediately plunk down the $12.99, plus $6.90 shipping/handling, plus tax, for a total of $20.88. That’s a 24 percent savings, don’t cha know (that’s my Wisconsin accent coming through—the one screenwriters always slap on us, although I’ve never quite detected it myself). But, hey, you can also order beaded Santas, beaded Christmas spiders (never heard of those before)  and various beaded angels.

I think I’ll just stick with the bells.